FAQs about Henderson Data Solutions

What can we help you with? Check our FAQs or give customer service a call. We are here for all your software development and database administration needs.

What are your hours?

Our sales office is open from 7 AM to 4 PM EST Monday to Friday. Our development and support staff is in the office from 8 AM to 5 PM EST Monday to Friday and also provides after hours or weekend hours on request and guaranteed in some contracts.

What is your service area?

We offer remote services worldwide. We offer travel services to the entire United States. We offer local or discounted travel services to Atlanta GA, Chattanooga TN, Los Angeles CA, and Nashville TN.

Where is your staff based?

Our headquarters is in Atlanta GA, and we have developers across the United States. We also use offshore resources for night shift support.

Do you use 1099 contractors?

Our management team, administration staff, and team leaders of each technology are all employees. We also use 1099 contractors under the guidance of our team leaders for larger projects or under peak demand. We can limit projects to employees only on request.

Do you offer guaranteed prices?

We offer both fixed-price packages and “time and materials” pricing for a variety of services. Please check our Services page for more information.

Can you sign NDAs?

We routinely work with industries or governments with strict privacy and regulatory needs. As such, we are happy to sign your NDA and work with you with your other compliance needs.

Are you hiring?

We are constantly looking for the most talented developers and support staff available. Please check our Employment page for more information.


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