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Henderson Data Solutions offers database solutions developed in a number of technologies.  Don’t be worried if you are unsure which technology you would like to use for your solution.  Part of the service we offer is helping you to choose the best technology in order to meet your needs.  No matter what technology you choose, certified experts will be there to walk you through process and produce the best possible solutions for your needs.

Below are some of the primary technology paths we offer:

Microsoft SQL
Sun Microsystems MySQL
Microsoft Access

Some of the languages / products we work with include:

Microsoft SQL Server +

Microsoft SQL Server is a robust product, which offers excellent performance and reliability.  For medium to large businesses, Microsoft SQL Server: Enterprise edition provides a full range of features to support your availability and service level requirements.  For smaller applications, Microsoft SQL Server: Express edition is a free product which still maintains many of the features of the more advanced edition and can be easily upgraded as your needs increase.  Both editions leverage the extensive Microsoft support network and seamless interoperability with Microsoft products.  ASP.NET offers an effective web based interface for your SQL Server database.  Other .NET languages such as VB and C# offer powerful desktop based interfaces.

Sun Microsystems MySQL + PHP

Sun Microsystems MySQL is a free product, which has a strong presence in web based programming.  It has a proven record of effectively handling the large number of users common to many larger websites.  These advantages make MySQL an effective choice for medium sized applications for businesses on a budget.  PHP offers an effective web based interface for your MySQL database. 

Microsoft ACCESS

Microsoft Access is a self-contained database system which is very affordable and supports low development costs.  With many of the features you may need built into a single application, the time and expense to build a solution with MS Access is often much lower than other technologies.  There are no complicated installations, and a desktop based interface and reporting system is built right in.  MS Access is a good choice for small companies on a tight budget.