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IT Staffing

Expert IT Staffing
As a Software Development and Database Administration company, we are exceptionally good at hiring IT staff. Use our experience to get the most qualified and skilled candidates. We know what to look for, how to verify it, and how to get it quickly.
More than a Search Engine
Ever get the sense you just signed up for a search engine rather than a service? Our staffing process is hands-on with the personal attention of our staff. We will determine your needs, scour your area or the entire country, and hand select only the best candidates.
Thoroughly Vetted Candidates
We will only send you quality, rock-solid candidates. We check references, do skills testing, do background checks, and conduct multiple interviews on both technical and people skills. On request, we can also do drug testing and face-to-face interviews.
Competitive Rates
Through efficient operation, low overhead, and broad searches for candidates, we will get you fair prices on the best staff. We can also help guide your pricing, advising you on what to offer in order to attract the best candidates.
Variety of Contract Lengths
We have a variety of contract and pricing options available. Some options include 3, 6, and 12 month contracts. We offer direct placement of full-time employees. Contact sales to discuss the full breadth of our options.
Managed Teams and Support
In addition to contract labor, we also offer support on an hourly basis and managed teams where you assign us the projects and our existing teams, already familiar with each other and the process, will complete your project for you without the need for a hire at all. MORE

What to Expect
with Henderson Data Solutions

  • A dedicated Account Manager
  • Prompt response times
  • Reliable service
  • Flexible policies
  • Privacy and Security

IT Staffing
quickly and confidently

  • National and local searches
  • Skill tests and background checks
  • Interviews by seasoned experts
  • Mentor support from corporate
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed

Our Products
are designed specifically for you

  • Formal design phase
  • Team of expert developers
  • Thorough QA testing
  • Full design documentation
  • Ongoing technical support