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Same-Day Data Recovery
We have database administrators standing by in case of emergency. We can often begin work or even finish a recovery of lost data on the same day. You are losing productivity every second. Get professional help now. MORE
Minimize Data Loss
Even more important than recovering your data quickly is getting as much of it back as possible. We will analyze ever possibility to get you the best possible end result. A single missed detail could mean hours of lost records. MORE
Restore Damaged Hard Disks
When hard disks fail, they often still retain your data; they are just mechanically incapable of reading it. We can open your drives in a clean room and analyze each platter for remaining data. If it can be recovered, we will do it. MORE
Review Disaster Plan
Do you have a backup plan? How much data would you lose if your database failed? Could your plan handle a flood, fire, theft, vandalism, hardware failure, power failure, or employee’s mistakes? Get a review by a certified expert. MORE
Disaster Protection Package
Choose the level of protection you need and our expert staff will ensure you have it, whether you just need nightly backups or transactional replication and versioned backups sent to high-availability servers in hardened facilities on multiple continents. MORE
Disaster Plan Drills
Have you ever used your Disaster Recovery Plan? How confident are you that it will work? Our disaster drills simulate a variety of common hazards and audit the success of your recovery plan. Don’t find out there is a flaw in the design after your data is gone. MORE

What to Expect
with Henderson Data Solutions

  • A dedicated Account Manager
  • Prompt response times
  • Reliable service
  • Flexible policies
  • Privacy and Security

Disaster Recovery
that is fast and thorough

  • Certified professionals
  • Hands-on experience with recovery
  • Remote and on-site options
  • Hourly pricing
  • Multiple DBAs available

Our Recoveries
consider every option

  • Review server health
  • Inventory all backup methods
  • Backups, replication, warehouses
  • Restorations fully tested
  • Recommend future prevention