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Server Installation
We ensure correct and thorough installation of new server software. We will apply updates and service packs, configure settings appropriate for your usage, connect to other network resources, and optimize the performance of your server and its hardware. MORE
Routine Maintenance
Servers are expensive and the software they run even more so. Ensure they are both protected and performing optimally with a few hours a week of routine maintenance. We will monitor your backups, log files, performance metrics, and warn you when you are approaching your server’s limits. MORE
Best Practices Review
What will happen if a hard disk fails? Is your server as fast as it could be? Is there a hole in your security? Is your server about to reach capacity? Get peace of mind with a thorough review by a certified expert. MORE
Security Audit
Government regulations, the threat of lawsuit, theft, and vandalism all make proper security necessary. Know that you are secure by getting a thorough check of your encryption, permissions, firewalls, connections, coding, caching, and other important security considerations. MORE
Whatever you need, someone on our staff knows the answer. Whether you have a specific problem or just want to know that your problems can be resolved when they arise, having entire teams of certified experts at your disposal is a good start. MORE
We offer a variety of pricing methods to best meet your needs. We have hourly plans without commitments, monthly agreements with discounts, and we can even have fixed prices for common tasks. MORE

What to Expect
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  • A dedicated Account Manager
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Database Admin
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  • Certified Professionals
  • Remote or on-site service
  • Flexible staffing for changing needs
  • Monthly and hourly pricing
  • Knowledgeable customer service

Our Services
address all your database needs

  • Custom database design
  • Installation and configuration
  • Performance Optimization
  • Disaster Recovery
  • On-call emergency support