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The Vision of Henderson Data Solutions

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We believe in Quality.
Henderson Data Solutions strives to provide the highest quality data solutions in the world. It is our belief that quality is worth its cost. There is little where this is more true than with data. Accuracy and reliability of data is an obvious need for any company. Performance is one of the most sought after goals in design. An often overlooked aspect, but one of the most important, is scalability. When speaking of technology solutions, the data is like the foundation. The quality of the data will affect every aspect of that technical solution. For this reason, our need for technical excellence is evident. By hiring only the best and requiring attention to the slightest detail, we are able to provide solutions of the highest caliber which will be reliable, accurate, cost-effective, and able to grow with your company.

We believe in Flexibility.
It is our goal to make life as easy on our clients as possible. A company shouldn't have to be technical experts to use a technical vendor. Our goal is to be as easy to work with as your own IT department or even easier. We do more than just provide you with coding. We offer our experience and knowledge to help you find the solutions to all your data needs.

As your partner, we feel that we should do business the way that you want us to. While many vendors are bogged down by policy and politics, we customize our service to your needs. Whether it is billing, scheduling, or any other aspect of our relationship, we want to work in the way that makes you the most comfortable.

We believe in Results.
We attack every decision the same way we do our databases, asking "Is the benefit worth the cost?" Because of this philosophy, we are able to keep our costs very low. By keeping management to a minimum, planning to what is relevant, and spending to what is necessary, we are able to focus on development, which is what you really want anyway. Even so, we are not stingy. When there is opportunity to get a good return on an investment, we pursue it aggressively. This strategy, combined with the skill of our developers, is another reason why our bids are often far lower than the competition.

We believe the only reliable metric for any goal is evidence. Theory, politics, and guesses all fall short of providing an accurate perception. We provide solutions which are based on the knowledge that what we do is effective.